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Rostock MAX™ v2 Desktop 3D Printer Kit


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What’s new with the v2 destkop 3D printer?

• Re-designed hot-end platform and Delta arms and mounts for worry free assembly.  No Sanding Required!
• Lower parts count means faster assembly time
• Top mounted spool holder shortens length between EZStruder and spool, and minimizes machine footprint.
• New Base enclosures protect your electronics from dirt/dust, and give your kit a clean, attractive appearance
• New Top design provides more rigidity for better prints, and easier assembly and calibration

These improvements are added to the already impressive list of standard components and features:

• Over 1300 cubic inches of build volume (11" Diameter by over 14 3/4" height) 
• Made in the USA - high quality, laser cut, injection molded and CNC machined parts manufactured by us
• EZ Struder and Hot-End set up for 1.75mm filament
• High torque NEMA 17 stepper motors
• Standard .5mm nozzle - Easily changeable to other available sizes
• ATX power supply for safety and easy upgrades
• RAMBo by UltiMachine electronics - the best available 3D printer controller
• Tinker-friendly electronics and hardware.  Many extra places to add your own mods to both
• Borosilicate Glass build plate for safety and precision

Here's what you will need to complete the assembly:

  • Appx. 20hrs. to assemble (time varies based on skill and any mods made during the assembly)
  • Standard Allen wrench set
  • Metric Allen Wrench Set
  • Needle nose and/or small pliers
  • Wire crimping tool or solder and solder iron
  • Standard and Phillips Screwdrivers
  • High Temp RTV silicone or epoxy for hotend assembly


 Rostock MAX v2 Specifications
Overall Printer Size

18" Diameter

Overall Printer Height 48" tall w/spool mounted
Overall Printer Weight 25 Pounds
Power Requirements 100-240 AC (Selectable on power supply input)
Shipping Dimensions 32" X 19" X 6" Box weighing 42 pounds
 Build Area
Maximum Printable X/Y Area 11" Diameter (280mm)
Maximum Printable Square Size 7 3/4" (197mm)
Maximum Printable Z Height 14 3/4" (375mm)
 Printing Specifications
Max X/Y Resolution .1mm 
Max Z Resolution


Avg. Print Speed 30-60mm/s
Max Movement Speed 300mm/s
Max Hotend Temperature 245c
Max Heated Bed Temperature


Part Cooling Fan

Included (G Code Controlled)

Part Number(may differ w/options): 84399
UPC Number 834537014571

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