Get started in 3D Printing fast with our new Orion Delta™

Join the growing community of Delta 3D printing innovators!  Did you know we were the first to bring the world a complete, all inclusive Delta 3D printer kit, our Rostock MAX?   With shipping all around the world, nearly every corner of the globe has one.  It has become the standard in Delta 3D printer kits, and for good reason too.  From it's large build volume to the first ever round heated bed to accommodate delta printers and rock-solid electronics,  it's not just any 3D printer.
Don't want or have time to build a 3D printer? Meet our Orion Delta 3D Printer.  Once again we bring the first ever all-assembled ready to print Delta 3D Printer to ship.  Now anyone can join the Delta Revolution!  From it's heated bed for warp-free ABS prints to the now included part cooling blowers it's not just the first - It's the best.  No other machine offers as many standard features as the Orion.  Did we mention it can be ready to print out of the box in about 30 minutes?  Don't forget, the same great community that we grew around the Rostock MAX is here too for the Orion Delta 3D printer.
From our amazing community forum to our outstanding customer service record (just ask!) we're here to make sure you get started or go bigger with our 3D printers. Never worry about paying for support, just contact us either by email, post on our forum, or give us a call. Our support page has all the information you'll need to help you through any situation.