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Print OUTSIDE  the box with our feature packed Orion Delta 3D Printer.  An evolution of our world famous Rostock MAX machines, Orion is our more compact and ready to print machine for everyone from teachers, students, engineers, hobbyists, makers and more.  



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We have an amazing selection of filament for your 3D printer



From our high quality ABS and PLA selection to some of the more exotic materials like Carbon Fiber reinforced PLA and the majority of Taulman™ materials we've got you covered.  We now carry Semi-Flex™ material for your flexible projects, Copper colored PLA in both standard AND flexible, Taulman Nylons/Bridge/T-Glase, Proto-Pasta™ CF Reinforced PLA and more! 





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Build your own Rostock MAX™ v2 3D printer kit


Do you DIY and build your own projects?  Then get started 3D printing with our Rostock MAX v2.  The worlds most popular delta style machine sets the standard in what to expect form any other 3D printer kit.  With our detailed build manual and an amazingly active community on our forum as well as outstanding customer service you'll be getting a massive build volume for a less than massive price.  Check out a few of the highlights of the Rostock MAX v2.


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    Automatic Print Leveling in MatterControl

    Z probes and bed leveling are a common discussion among 3d printer users and the same holds true for us here at SeeMeCNC. Finding the right tools to guarantee a user experience that is simple, intuitive, cost effective and will deliver results with as little hassle as possible is something...

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    2014 Halloween 3D Print Contest

    For the past month we've had a contest running for our community members to show us their best Halloween related 3D prints.  All they had to do to enter was post their work to our forum. It must have been either their own or someone elses design that they 3D printed, so...

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