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Rostock MAX v2

  • Complete DIY Kit
    15-20 hrs assembly
  • Heated Glass Bed
  • 280mm dia x 350mm Build Area
  • Skill Level
    4 out of 5
  • Windows/Mac Software

DropLit DIY Kit

  • DIY Kit Only
    Appx 5 hrs assembly
  • 25mm dia x 100+mm Build Area
  • Partial Kit
    No Projector
  • Skill Level
    5 out of 5
  • Windows Software

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    New Filament Coming Soon

    With all the requests coming in from users across the globe we're adding NEW materials in our filament selection this month!  We've added two new materials in multiple options available.       We're proud to announce we now will carry Ninja-Flex™ flexible materials in our store for you to...

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  • 28



    Taulman "BRIDGE" filament to bridge the gap between ABS and Nylon 3D Printing

    Taulman's newest release is named "Bridge" for it's ability to bridge the gap between ABS and Nylon filament for FFF style 3D printing.  Just announced privately about a week ago, we've already received our samples and have been testing it out.  The first thing we noticed is it stays stuck...

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