We ship FAST! Our team takes pride in shipping every order as fast as possible and most orders ship within 24 hours or less! With multiple shipping options to most locations around the globe you get to choose how fast your new SeeMeCNC™ 3D Printer gets to your door. Click on the map below to see a map of just some of the places we've sent our 3D printers.



Get started fast with our Orion Delta™ 3D Printer


Print OUTSIDE  the box with our feature packed Orion Delta 3D Printer.  An evolution of our world famous Rostock MAX machines, Orion is our more compact and ready to print machine for everyone from teachers, students, engineers, hobbyists, makers and more.  Take a look at what all is included with your new Orion Delta™


  • Ready to print in minutes - minimal setup required
  • On-board control panel for PC-Free printing
  • Includes SD card for saving prints on the machine
  • Heated bed for multi-material capability
  • Prints in ABS, PLA, T-Glase, CF-PLA and many others
  • 6" round by 9" tall build volume
  • Active part cooling for better PLA prints
  • Uses standard filament, NO proprietary filament cartridges
  • Amazing community of users around the globe


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An amazing selection of filament for your 3D printer


From our high quality ABS and PLA selection to some of the more exotic materials like Carbon Fiber reinforced PLA and the majority of Taulman™ materials we've got you covered.  We now carry Semi-Flex™ material for your flexible projects, Copper colored PLA in both standard AND flexible, Taulman Nylons/Bridge/T-Glase, Proto-Pasta™ CF Reinforced PLA and more! 


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Build your own Rostock MAX™ v2 3D printer kit


 Do you DIY?  Then the Rostock MAX v2 DIY kit is for you!  It's the worlds leading Delta style 3D printer kit, and for good reason.  With more standard features than most other kit 3D printers it's in a class all it's own.  From the massive build volume to the extremely easy to modify design we've created a legendary machine.  It's your turn to showcase what you can do with your own Rostock MAX v2™


  • Almost 11" round by 15" high build volume
  • Heated bed for multi-material capability
  • On-board control panel for PC-free printing
  • Active part cooling for PLA printing
  • Accepts most any size spools up to 1kg on the spool holder
  • Capable of printing any material under 245c
  • Tons of expansion for tinkering and experimenting
  • Easily accepts aftermarket hotends and other mods


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